Functional Medicine and Mental Health

Functional Medicine optimally addresses the needs of the patient with depression and anxiety. Conventional medicine relies on symptom classification towards a diagnosis rather than the Functional approach which does not. […]

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Guest Blog: Pans and Pandas International Awareness Day

9 OCTOBER 2021  Since the recent discovery of Long Covid, awareness around the neurological and psychiatric effects of post infectious disorders is increasing, however for some families with children affected by PANS (or PANDAS) awareness is not increasing quickly enough.  PANS […]

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Why Rest is Essential

The word ‘rest’ is often met with negative connotations as we feel we are being lazy or selfish when we allow ourselves to take a break.  However, it is vital […]

Group Care – Top Ten Benefits

The Top 10 Benefits you can expect to experience as part of Functional Medicine Group Care: You may be feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? By coming together and realizing you are […]

Guest Blog – FunctionalDX

How optimal testing can help you deliver improved health outcomes As a clinician observing the current state of health in the UK, you may well be feeling like the general […]

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