Case Study

36 year old female – Assess and Test Package

5 year history of food sensitivities and digestive symptoms including burping, nausea, acid reflux, loose stools with mucus and undigested food.

Underlying root causes included stress, antibiotic use and a stomach upset whilst away travelling.

Initial recommendations were around actions to improve her digestion and testing with a comprehensive digestive stool analysis. This looks at markers of digestion, gut inflammation and immune function as well as a thorough analysis of the microbes in the gut.

Following her nutritional therapist assessment she was advised to follow our Food Discovery Plan for a minimum of 3 weeks. This removes commonly sensitising and pro-inflammatory foods to allow the gut to heal. She was also advised to take a supplement with meals to support her digestion.

During her health coach assessment details of her current lifestyle factors were discussed and she was supported to set goals to work on improving sleep and managing stress.

Once her results were back her team at Dr Indra SFMP put together her health plan which was discussed at her further doctors appointment.

Recommendations included anti-microbials to treat pathogens including parasites and ongoing digestive support. It is crucial that food is completely digested for efficient absorption of nutrients to occur. Partially digested food that cannot be absorbed provides food for microbes in the gut often feeding the less friendly ones resulting in IBS like symptoms.

She opted for an ongoing Transformation package receiving support from each member of her team every month.

Progress so far has been good with much improved digestion and bowel function and a corresponding drop in symptom score.

Treatment is ongoing with support for gut healing, restocking with healthy bacteria and the aim is to retest at some point to ensure the parasites in particular are eradicated. She has been supported re reintroduce previously eradicated foods and to note any potential reactions. We are all so individual it is important to work out what foods suit your unique biochemistry, immune system and genetics.