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Metabolic health & Dementia – what’s the link?

Join Dr. Alpa Kumar from the Dr Indra Functional Medicine Practice as she deep dives into the fascinating connection between metabolic health and dementia. Discover how blood sugar, inflammation, stress, and oral health impact Alzheimer’s dementia development.

Tags: Dementia, Dr Alpa Kumar, Dr Indra, Free, Functional Medicine, Metabolic Health, Watch Again
Categories: Webinar
Speakers: Dr Alpa Kumar, Dr Indra Barathan

The Hidden Impact: Prescription Drugs & Nutrient Loss

Join our brilliant Integrative Pharmacist Bobby Sira for this fascinating free webinar on the hidden impact of prescription drugs on our nutritional health. Bobby will be talking about the complex relationship between commonly prescribed medicines and how these interact with the body’s natural processes. 

Tags: bobby sira, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, pharmacist, prescription drugs
Categories: Webinar

How to Boost Your Energy Levels & Charge Your Inner Battery

The webinar is led by the brilliant Nicki Chandraraj, our functional medicine Health & Wellness Coach with specific training in positive psychology and lasting lifestyle change. In this recording, you can learn more about how you can make changes in your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices to boost your energy and feel better.

Tags: energy, nicki, webinar
Categories: Webinar

Dr Indra’s TEDx Holgate Women

In this Tedx Dr Indra delves into the significance of compassionately understanding our bodies and the signals they send us.

Tags: TEDx, Women’s Health
Categories: Thought
Speakers: Dr Indra Barathan

A Conversation with… Sabrina Bruce

Join Dr Indra as she sits and talks with Sabrina Bruce, a patient of the practice.

Tags: clinical, patient feedback
Categories: Clinical
Speakers: Dr Indra Barathan, Sabrina Bruce

Booster Session: Menopause

Dr Indra discusses the benefits of a functional medicine approach to menopause.

Tags: Menopause
Categories: Clinical
Speakers: Indra Barathan


Simple and effective ways to manage menopause

With over 20 years of experience working as a GP, Dr Ailsa Care joins the Six Hats podcast to talk about simple and effective ways to manage menopause with Functional Medicine.

The hidden impact of poor nutrition & mental health

Six Hats host Dr Shamistra Barathan chats with Dr Singh to delve into the vital role of nutrition in mental health, a missing piece in many conventional practices.

Getting to the root of your menopause symptoms

Join Dr Indra as she shares her journey from burnout to Functional Medicine, and delves into her approach to tackling menopause symptoms.

Can Functional Medicine help more than standard?

Dr Indra joins The Alphagenix Podcast to discuss why she believes and focuses her work around “Who is the patient experiencing the disease, not what is the disease the patient is experiencing”.

Practitioner Spotlight: Dr Indra

Nutritional Therapist Kim from Colab Services talks to our very own Dr Indra about her journey to becoming a Functional Medicine Practitioner. Find out what sparked her passion to start the practice. 

Looking at the root cause with Functional Medicine

Dr Indra joins the White Fox Talking Podcast to discuss topics ranging from nutrition, soil health, inflammation, pink pee and stress to mental health and the pressure on the health system. 

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