Dr Natasha Patel shares some of what she learnt at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2023.

Two weeks ago, diabetes specialists (nurses, doctors, pharmacists) from the whole country descended onto Liverpool for a 3 day conference.


Some of the highlights…


  • Professor Naveed Sattar delivered the prestigious Banting Memorial Lecture. He discussed about the impact of bodyweight on type 2 diabetes and its complications, explaining where fat is stored matters – genetics, ethnicity and sex can all influence patterns of fat storage, and this can help to explain why certain populations develop type 2 diabetes at lower or higher bodyweight thresholds. He also discussed about the prospects of capitalising on new weight loss tools, including low-calorie interventions and GLP-1 agonists, to improve future care and prevention of type 2 diabetes.


  • In a session on big data, Professor Ewan Pearson spoke about the Diabetes Data Science Catalyst and how it will help researchers understand, access and connect the UK’s unique collection of huge health databases to make discoveries that could improve our understanding of the link between diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


  • A session on remission of type 2 diabetes gave us exciting insights into the latest research on the topic. We heard about the development of a new support service – NewDAWN – It’s designed to help people with type 2 find a weight loss programme that’s right for them, Professors Mike Lean and Roy Taylor gave us a first look at the latest DiRECT results – showing that it is possible to stay in remission for at least five years. And Professor Jonathan Valabhji (Diabetes Tsar) discussed the ‘NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission’, revealing over 4,500 people have taken part with an average weight loss of 11kg.


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