Guest Blog: Feel joy today with less than 10 minutes of movement

Movement that guarantees you’ll see and feel the joy in your life, even if you are fatigued,
in pain, or unable to stand, in under 10 minutes per day.

There are rarely any magic bullets in life when it comes to feeling your best.

It often takes a medley of different holistic approaches that, once in harmony, come together to allow the body to do what it is designed to do, self-heal.

But I believe that I have discovered something that comes very close. Something that absolutely anyone can do, no matter what age, shape or size, mobility, ability or fitness level.

In fact, it’s something that we as a human species are wired to do – and that is to dance!

The dance I have fallen in love with, and use as a healing tool for myself and my clients, as well as sharing it online within a growing community, is called Transcendance™.

And before your inner critic comes into your mind with the “you can’t dance or move like that”, “you have two left feet”, or “you don’t have rhythm!”, or any variation of this type of narrative, know that you don’t have to listen to it! In fact, I guide you to listen to your inner cheerleader, where all levels of movement are welcomed and celebrated.

Transcendance™ is a unique dance wellness experience that is a powerful fusion of relaxed stretching, deep breathing, and fun free form movement, aka “your dance” to inspiring music. It brings in positive creative visualisation, energy healing and embodiment coaching to support living a self empowered healthy life.

Transcendance™ helps you embody mindfulness and fun movement with no prior experience or equipment required. You are guarenteed to feel energised and reinvigorated after just one quick 10 minute session!

This is movement that creates energy within you, not take it away. And a space where every dance experience is welcomed and celebrated. You can even dance with your eyes and even just your lashes!

I’ve had attendees at a webinar on mental health feel a positive shift during and after moving to just one song.

I can finally say, since using Transcendance™ regularly in my own life, I can see and feel the joy in my children’s eyes, and the world around me.

But enough words and descriptions.

My invitation for you is to simply try it out for yourself to experience the shift that is possible within you, by joining one of my free and quick dance sessions online. They take place over Zoom, Facebook and Instagram (so you can have your cameras off!) every Monday to Thursday, 9:30am (UK time), all year long.

Visit for more.

I really look forward to dancing with you soon!!

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