Fundamentals of living

Our body and mind and spirit all make up who we are as people. We all have the capacity within us to feel great and live our lives optimally. The things that impact us doing this are the fundamentals of living. The way we think, how or what we put into our bodies, our sleep, how we move and the community around us.  We all do all those things every day without thinking about it.

Shining a light on these aspects of daily living and how you can upgrade or optimise these areas can help you heal conditions, have more energy, a clearer mind and live the life that you want. All it takes is to hear something that resonates with you, take that one small step and this can lead to big changes.  If you want to feel different you must do something different.  Knowing what that is, comes from hearing something that makes sense to you. This could be a little voice within you that says you need to move more, or gluten doesn’t suit you or a podcast that you heard or even a post on social media. Notice this and see what happens if you do this.

Each little step has a big impact. For example, deciding to add one extra vegetable into your meals can impact on your gut flora and this can impact your bowels, leading to less pain and symptoms, more energy and often less anxiety. Deciding to notice how you think and realising that it’s there to protect you has been transformational to how I live my life. I am kinder myself and as a result it means I spend less time in a state of striving and more in a state of rest and healing.

All the areas have an impact on each other. Sitting down and just looking at these areas, seeing where you are with it, can be so therapeutic and might show up areas you may need to upgrade.

Draw a box and divide into 4 and put a heart in the middle. In the 4 boxes, nutrition, sleep, movement, and community.  Then place ‘thought’ in the heart. In each section write everything that you do to support this. For example:

Nutrition: 3 meals a day, no sugars

Sleep: Sleep at 11.00pm

Movement: Sitting at my desk and housework, walks with friends

Community: See my friends and family and go for walks, have my regular meet up and go for choir.

Thought (the heart): I am aware of my thinking, I am kind to myself, I meditate and take time out of my day to rest by singing and dancing.

By doing this you can see the areas where you might not be feeling optimal as they will have the less writing in it.

Let’s start the year becoming aware of ourselves and the potential that we have within us to be great. Take one small step at a time, do your square, and tell us which areas you will be working on.