Group Care – Top Ten Benefits

The Top 10 Benefits you can expect to experience as part of Functional Medicine Group Care:

You may be feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? By coming together and realizing you are not alone, there is a wonderful opportunity to learn and share some ways to improve your health outcomes in a safe space.

  1. Accountability: Signing up and showing up. Being part of something bigger than yourself moves you forward in a transformative way. The group facilitator is there to guide you in the group in uncovering your WHY. With this in mind, when faced with choices that don’t optimize your health, you circle back to what made you curious to improve your health in the first place.
  1. Relatability: This is your opportunity to realize that you are not alone. Through the support of others in the group, we share in one another’s wins and challenges. The virtual room is an inspiring and motivating space, where despite different lives, you all come together to move your life forward with better health and vitality.
  1. Community building: While in group care, you build relationships with people, and together you are stepping into your power. You support one another, and the feeling you had before of your health challenges ruling your life is less amplified.
  1. Value: Accessing Functional Medicine in the group care model allows you to spend more time with the healthcare team at an affordable price point.
  1. Client Led approach: Group care is not a webinar series, there is an educational component to the coaching, but ultimately we explore what we need for your group on the day. The time belongs to you, and the facilitator is the guide.
  1. Focusing on what works: For a long time, you may have identified your health challenge as the barometer for who you are in the world. In group coaching, we look towards your strengths rather than your weaknesses. By focusing on the positive, change organically emerges.
  1. Meeting you where you’re at: In this collaborative process, you will be heard, and there is plenty of time for you to explore your health vision. You are not trying to get to any specific place; you are taking steps at your own sustainable pace.
  1. Power in Numbers: Think of trying to play a football match on your own. Okay, you can’t. Well, that is the power of group care. Every member of the team counts and is there to make a difference. Every member of the team has the opportunity to be a role model to someone else.
  1. Empowering environment: Group work allows you to experience your humanity and similarity, creating an empowering conversation for change.
  1. Behaviour Change: The group care facilitator is there to listen actively, ask questions and allow you the space to explore what your life may look like if you choose to try on a new way of looking at your life for the future. The secret here is finding a way to close the gap between knowing what you have to do and then going ahead and doing it. The magic happens in the group.

Group Care is launching at the practice this August. Be sure to get in touch with our team to reserve your place.