Guest Blog: Dr Indra Creates Space for Her Healing

by Dr Indika Gunaratne


“Until You Stop, You Don’t Realise These Things…..” 

From the start of this year, Dr Indra set the intention to spend some time each day on her own healing. Watch as Dr Indra shares her experience of creating her own space for healing:


Dr Indra’s intention was to focus inwards through the lens of curiosity and connection with her mind-body-spirit, as well as to be guided by her deep trust in knowing that “we are whole, not broken”.

To help support her intentions for this year, she joined a group programme called Space for Healing, which is a 12 week online experience that allowed her to:

  • Release unwanted inflammation within 6 weeks
  • Have the opportunity to stop, notice and learn more about herself.
  • Experience healing in her own body.
  • Be connected with a like-minded community of women.
  • Reach a whole new level of awareness and insight into her own mind-body-spirit connection.
  • Shed at least 10 kilos of inflammatory weight, as a side benefit!


The Space for Healing programme has been so transformative, that Dr. Indra will be offering this unique experience to all those interested, via collaboration with a Dr Indra trusted partner, Dr. Indika Gunaratne (more details will be announced soon).

In the meantime, if you are keen to find out more, please contact us for further information.