How to Tackle Hay Fever Season

It’s that time of year again and unfortunately hay fever and allergy season has arrived for many of you. Fortunately, Dr. Meeta Tanna has created this guide to how we approach this common problem in our clinic:

1. Reduce your symptoms
Don’t be stuck with awful debilitating symptoms. We’re here to give you advice on how to use conventional as well as botanical medicines. Ever heard of neti pot techniques?

2. Remove the triggers
Ever thought that the root of your allergies may just lie in your gut, even if you don’t have gut symptoms? This means that there may be things that you eat and drink which will predispose you to hay fever and allergy symptoms including certain drugs. We can help you find out what you may need to avoid while we help you to heal.

3. Reinoculate
Ever heard of dysbiosis? This is an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria that live within your gut, nose, throat, and skin. Did you know that when you have dysbiosis you can suffer with hay fever and allergy symptoms? We can show you how to rebalance your bacteria.

4. Repair barriers
Your barriers include any part of you that are in contact with the outside world such as your gut and skin. We are here to help repair those barriers so your body can become more resilient to the outside world.

5. Replace
We have a wealth of knowledge about how to use certain foods and supplements to help strengthen your immune system.

6. Rebalance
Stress reduction, exercise and weight loss if indicated are perhaps one of the last things on your mind when you’re trying to fix your hay fever and allergy symptoms but think again. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of getting improvement in your symptoms. A stressed out you is a stressed-out immune system.

We’re here to help you manage and overcome your hay fever and allergy symptoms in a holistic, scientific way. Please contact us for a 10-minute complimentary call and see how we can help.