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Functional Medicine (“FM”) is the future of health and as one of the first private, collaborative care FM clinics in the UK, this is a fantastic opportunity to join a leader in the field. From the patient care team to our clinicians, we believe in getting to the root cause of why a person is experiencing symptoms. We are partners in our patients’ journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

We are currently recruiting two new roles:


As Operations Lead you will be keen to deliver a high-quality, compassionate service to our patients and team. As the business grows further, you will be bursting with creative ideas. We create a safe space for our patients, and you will be passionate about helping them to efficiently access what they need to find health, happiness and contentment. You will have a keen eye for detail and be able to deal with tough situations in a fast-paced setting with empathy, clarity and strength.

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As Patient Care Coordinator you will be the first port of call for our patients, helping coordinate their journey through the Dr Indra Practice. You will be naturally curious, able to pick up the phone and speak to our patients about their situation with an open heart, helping to see what they need and guide them to take the next step with our team, recommending the most appropriate pathway. Healing happens in small steps. Each interaction with you should empower them and allow a small step to be taken. You will be an integral part of the care that the patient is receiving at the practice. This job could be suitable for a new graduate with customer and health care experience, who loves to help people and wants to grow and develop in a private health care setting.

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