One to One Care

4 phases to healing:

Assess and Test

Are You Ready To Invest In Your Health?

Together supporting chronic conditions to get to the root of your problem.


  • Understanding your story and assessing your root causes (doctor)
  • Finding your nutritional imbalances (nutritional therapist)
  • Lifestyle challenges, goals and limiting beliefs (health coach)
  • A team meeting to put together a plan
  • A health plan meeting
  • Personalised testing is an additional investment


  • Monthly or bi-monthly support appointments with a doctor, nutritional therapist or health coach
  • You can see all three or two of the practitioners but there is a minimum of one appointment/month
  • +/- Personalised testing is an additional investment
  • Email support as needed


  • Up to a 1-hour review with your health coach per month
  • Up to 30-minute review with your doctor per month
  • Up to 1-hour review with your nutritional therapist over the three-month period
  • Email support from all practitioners


£810/3 months
  • Up to 2 appointments with any clinician every 3 months
  • Direct debit for 3 months at a time
  • Telephone support once a month if needed

We have a phlebotomy service available at Iveridge Hall, Wakefield Road, LS26 8EU. This is available for patients and non-patients.
Please email [email protected] for details.


(4 weeks)

This is the first part of our care programme.

Filling out our comprehensive questionnaire prior to the first appointment is one of the most important steps. It allows the practitioners to start to understand your story. When you meet your team, each of them will get to know you and your story from their area of expertise.

The doctors will help figure out how you got to where you are and what your potential root causes are. They will look to understand the biological imbalances that are showing up as symptoms and will recommend on testing. Together these help the practitioners to direct and personalise the approach.

Our nutritional therapist’s main goal at this stage is to understand where you are at the moment and start the process of making sure you are having a balanced plate of food.

Our health coaches are your personal cheerleaders. They are here to help you understand your lifestyle challenges, goals and the limiting beliefs that are affecting your health journey.

Once your test results are back, the team will make recommendations and put together a personalised health plan for you. You will then transition into the next phase.


(3 months minimum)

The Transform phase is where you will be working with all or some members of your health care team. You will be supported in implementing our recommendations, and we will be with you as things change.

Twice-monthly appointments allow us to monitor any changes and implement any course corrections that might be needed.

Our doctors will monitor any changes in your symptoms and will guide you on nutrient and supplement choices and on whether any further testing is required.

Our nutritional therapist will help you find the optimal nutritional support at this time in your life. Nutrition has the power to heal.

As you implement the recommended changes, our health coaches are here to support and guide you if anything feels sticky or if there are barriers to change. Life happens and this may require us to alter our recommendations and update our initial health care plan.

Changing behaviour is challenging for most people; as human beings, we are creatures of habit. Your health care team is there to support and guide you.


Being the Best You

(3-month programme ongoing)

Moving into the Thrive phase is when you are in balance and have the tools to support yourself.

In this phase, you will still have the support of your health coaches.

The appointments are there for us to check-in and make course corrections as they are needed.

You will have available to you two appointments in a three-month period.