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Collaborative Care Programme

This is made up of 3 phases:

Each phase can have +Mental Health included. This consists of health planning with a psychiatrist and an initial Psychiatry Appointment.

We have created 3 options depending on where you are on your health journey.

Collaborative Care is at the heart of the Practice.
You will be working with a team of holistic experts whose goal is your optimal wellbeing.

What to expect

People who are considering a functional medicine approach to their health have usually exhausted the conventional medical route.  By this stage, symptoms are merely masking the true cause of the condition.  Finding the underlying issue is unlikely to be discovered overnight and the process can be lengthy. 

Everybody’s situation is different, and we appreciate cost may be a factor, therefore we have three options available (including the option for +Mental Health with each).  You can begin your journey with Assess which includes a comprehensive questionnaire so the practitioners can start to understand your story.  They will look to understand the biological imbalances that are showing up as symptoms and will recommend testing.  Our nutritional therapists will delve into your eating habits so they can learn what is and isn’t working for your body.

Once you have knowledge of what is truly causing your symptoms, you can either stop here or move on to the Transform phase to put the plan into action.  Here you will be supported in implementing our recommendations.  Our doctors will monitor any changes in your symptoms and will guide you on nutrient and supplement choices and on whether any further testing is required, with our nutritional therapists helping you find the optimal nutritional support at this time in your life.

Again, this support and input from our team ensure your body is working optimally.  The final phase, Thrive, is for when you are in balance and have the tools to support yourself but still require our support to help cement your habit of a healthy lifestyle.


This isn’t a quick fix, but we all know quick fixes don’t result in change.  Our community is here to help you every step of the way and combined with our expertise, we are confident we can get to the root of your condition and solve it.

Are you ready to dive deep into your health and look at all root causes? Are you ready make changes to your life to improve your health outcomes?

Care Programmes

The heart of our practice are the Collaborative Care Programmes and they are made up of 3 phases: Assess, transform, and thrive. All of these can be complemented by the +Mental Health option.

The more you invest in your health the more likely you are to witness long-term improvements.

The following 3 programmes provide options depending on where you are in your health journey:


4 weeks

£1754 or £2225 inc mental health

Assess & Transform

£3632 or £4101 inc mental health

4 months

Assess, Transform & Thrive

£5864 or £6345 inc mental health

10 months

+Mental Health consists of health planning with a Psychiatrist and an initial Psychiatry Appointment

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