I want to work with an Individual Practitioner

Personalising your Health Journey

We realised that everyone is on their own unique journey. We have created options for working with our individual practitioners as well as a collaborative care team

Do you just want to see a Doctor or a Nutritional Therapist to explore how a functional medicine approach could work for you?

Take a look at the following options which can assist your health and wellbeing?

Need to see a Dr and figure out what is contributing to your health:

45min appointment with our experienced Dr who will help you put together the pieces in your health and guide you to your next steps.


Feeling that you need support to improve your nutrition come and work with our NT and get your plate back into a balance.

Our NT Programme:

During this 3-month programme you will see our NT for 1 hour each month and be supported to start the journey in supporting your health through nutrition.