Raising the Question – Do You Have a Thyroid Problem?

Fatigue is probably one of the most common symptoms we deal with, yet it can have so many different causes. For a variety of reasons, a deficiency in thyroid hormones is becoming more common in both men and women.


Why not fill in our quick thyroid symptom questionnaire and see if an underactive thyroid could be behind your fatigue:


  • I have a family history of thyroid disease
  • I have a family or personal history of an autoimmune condition
  • I have had radiation treatment to my head, neck, chest or tonsil area
  • I grew up, lived or worked near a nuclear plant
  • In women: I have a history of infertility or miscarriage
  • I am gaining weight for no clear reason or am unable to lose weight with a diet and exercise programme
  • My hands and feet always feel cold
  • I feel cold when others do not
  • I have a slow pulse and/or low blood pressure
  • I have been told I have high blood pressure
  • My hair is dry, breaking, brittle or falling out
  • My skin is dry, scaly, itchy or thickened
  • My nails have been dry and brittle and break more easily
  • My eyebrows are thinning particularly the outer portion
  • My voice has become hoarse or gravelly
  • I have pains, aches, stiffness in joints and/or muscles
  • I have carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or plantar fasciitis
  • I am constipated
  • I feel depressed, restless, moody, sad
  • I have difficulty concentrating or remembering things
  • I have a low sex drive
  • My eyes feel gritty, dry, light-sensitive
  • My neck or throat feels full or larger than usual and/or I have difficulty swallowing
  • I have puffiness and swelling around the eyes, eyelids, face, feet, hands
  • Women: I am having irregular menstrual cycles


If you answer yes to five or more of the questions then you might like to arrange a complimentary discovery call with one of our doctors to discuss how we can support you to explore more deeply your health concerns and work with you to achieve your dream outcomes.


As a team we work with lots of patients with thyroid dysfunction. Through our assessment we help you understand the root causes of the imbalances you have, guide you to the most appropriate testing, implement a health plan and support you with its implementation with regular reviews to address any obstacles along the way.

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