Sacred Change Festival

Dr Indra and Dr Ailsa took part in the Sacred Change Festival in Hebden Bridge at the beginning of September. It was an event celebrating and exploring the deeper meaning of the menopause and peri-menopause from a truly holistic point of view.

The packed schedule included meditation, yoga, Qi gong, mindfulness, drama, creative workshops with clay, crochet, and embroidery with a chance to chat and share in a safe space. There were workshops around nutrition, medical herbalism, somatic therapy, achieving better orgasms, self-confidence. There was even healthy menopause supporting food, a special menopause herbal blend tea to try, a chance to try different healing modalities and a barefoot mindfulness walk. Dr Indra said, “it was so amazing to find women who are supporting each other and helping each of us to be our best self”.

Dr Ailsa talked about her journey to becoming an “out of the box” medic and bio-identical hormone prescriber. Dr Indra and Dr Ailsa offered free 15 minute mini consultations and on the second day held an impromptu group session talking through the functional medicine timeline and matrix. They helped those taking part to understand where their own health challenges may have arisen and how to make small incremental steps towards improved health. It was clear how much desire there was to learn about this way of approaching health and the immense power of being in a group. It was an hour slot but ended up being almost 2 hours! The weekend ended on a high note with music, drumming and dancing.

Dr Ailsa said, “it was wonderful to be part of an event that brought together all the pieces of the menopause puzzle. Women left feeling empowered to make changes for themselves, armed with new knowledge and confidence yet accepting they are not broken and don’t need ‘fixing'”.

HRT or bio-identical HRT is only one piece of the menopause puzzle but can be really useful in those really struggling with symptoms. Our team at Dr Indra can help you put together the pieces of your puzzle and find better hormonal balance