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At our clinic, you have two paths to choose from on your health journey:

Single Appointments: Tailor your experience by scheduling one-on-one sessions with our experts. Personalise your journey according to your unique needs and goals.

Health Programmes: Explore our carefully crafted programmes designed to guide you through a comprehensive health journey. These programmes offer structured pathways to address specific health concerns and optimise your wellbeing.

This 30-minute doctor consultation provides a more concise and focused overview of your health, with basic recommendations and a general roadmap for wellness.

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   Price: £297


Our  integrative pharmacist appointment combines the principles of traditional pharmacy with holistic and personalised approaches to health and wellness. During this comprehensive consultation, our integrative pharmacist will work with you to optimise your medication regimen and overall health

Our integrative psychotherapist appointment is designed to provide you with a holistic approach to mental health and well-being. In just one session, you can gain valuable insights and practical strategies to address your concerns and improve your mental and emotional health.

A one-off nutritional therapy appointment can provide valuable insights and actionable advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Whether you’re looking to address immediate concerns, kickstart a healthier lifestyle, or seek professional validation, a single session with a nutritional therapist can be a practical and effective way to achieve your goals.

A one-off health coaching appointment offers flexibility, targeted advice, and cost-effectiveness, making it an attractive option for those with specific needs, busy schedules, or budget constraints. It provides immediate, actionable strategies and empowers individuals to take control of their health without the commitment of a longer-term package

Our team is committed to nurturing the wellbeing of everyone in our community. We offer collaborative guidance, encouragement and support across various areas including physical wellness, fitness, nutrition, mental health, & lifestyle choices to help you achieve your health goals.

Please note that Thrive programmes are exclusively available to patients who have completed our Assess and Transform programmes. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to supporting you on your wellness journey.

We can help you find the right programme

Unsure about which programme to choose? Feel free to reach out to us for personalised guidance and advice tailored to your unique wellness journey.