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Introducing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of inner awareness through which we are able to raise our consciousness. It works by stimulating the nervous and hormonal systems, allowing our Kundalini energy to rise.

Kundalini Yoga harnesses the power of movement, mudra (hand positions), breathwork, meditation, relaxation, chanting mantras. It is an ancient technology and has been around for thousands of years.

Different Types of Kundalini Yoga Lessons

There are many ways of enjoying Kundalini Yoga at Dr Indra’s Specialist Functional Medicine Practice.

One-to-One Kundalini Yoga

This includes a telephone call before the lesson to discuss your specific needs and choose an appropriate Kriya and meditation. There are many Kriyas to choose from depending on your physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs. A Kriya includes specific movement, mudra (hand positions), breathwork, meditation, relaxation, and chanting mantras.

A one-to-one session time will then be arranged on an individual basis by the practice.

After the session, a copy of the specific Kriya taught to you, and the playlist of the beautiful Kundalini Yoga music used during your lesson will be forwarded to you. You will then continue the practice at home by yourself as you will gain the most benefit by practising every day.

Group Kundalini Yoga

Group Kundalini Yoga sessions are taught once a week at a specific time and purchased as a block. The number of weeks in a block may vary depending on the theme chosen for that block.

Some examples of themes include the Chakras, hormones, digestive system, mental health, detoxification.

Kundalini Yoga Chair

Kundalini Yoga on the chair is a fantastic way of bringing yoga to everyone. Just because you cannot sit on the floor does not mean you feel excluded.

Please ask for further information regarding these classes.

Kundalini Yoga for Children

Kundalini Yoga for Children is taught age-appropriate, child-centred, fun, and taught joyfully and positively.

It teaches valuable life skills on and off the mat, offering the children the ongoing chance to explore their potential and better understand themselves and the world around them.

It improves their behaviour, sleep, strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. It also helps develop their focus and concentration, boosts self-esteem and confidence, and teaches good values, morals, and healthy communication.

Please ask for further information regarding these classes. 

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