The Importance of Family

When we consider emotional wellbeing, spending time with family is just as important for our health as the food we eat, the exercise we take and the quality of our sleep.

Family is a fundamental part of our lives; they are the ones we count on for support, love, and companionship throughout our lifetime.

There are many different types of families; some are established by blood, some by marriage, others through adoption, and some are built by being the foundational support in a young person’s life, when other more traditional family structures have been lacking.

Whatever the individual situation, most people have their roots firmly planted with a special circle that helped to raise them and who influenced the adults they have become.


There are many reasons why family is so important:


  1. Support and encouragement: Family members are often the first people we turn to when we need help or guidance. They provide us with emotional support, encouragement, and advice when we need it most. Having a supportive family can help us overcome challenges and achieve our goals.


  1. Identity and belonging: Family gives us a sense of identity and belonging. Our family history and traditions help to shape who we are and where we come from. Being part of a family provides us with a sense of belonging and connection to our past and future.


  1. Love and companionship: Family members provide us with unconditional love and companionship throughout our lives. They are the people we celebrate with during our happiest moments and who we lean on during our most difficult times. The love of family can help us feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.


  1. Values and morals: Family plays an important role in shaping our morals and helping us develop our values, which often stay with us throughout our lives.


  1. Shared experiences and memories: Family provides us with shared experiences and memories which we cherish throughout our lives. Whether it is family holidays, celebrations, or just spending time relaxing together at home, these shared experiences help to strengthen our bond and provide lasting memories.


Strong family relationships have been linked to lower stress levels, better sleep, and improved overall health.

It’s easy to get caught up in daily life, but taking the time to connect with loved ones is important for our mental and emotional wellbeing.

By prioritizing our family relationships, we can enjoy the many benefits of love, support, and companionship that come with being part of a family.